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Mangala properties established in 2014, we have a motto of fulfilling the dreams of our customers. Mangala property has its own identity ingiving best properties to his customers, Mangala properties has achieved a grand success by providing the quality projects to all types of clients. We are one of the premiers in property field. Taking a vision of providing "QUALITY" into properties field development comprising with the prime key areas of progression into the residential, sectors, it has built a dedicated reputation for quality & Trust. For its loyal customer today, this focus on quality represents far-reaching vision that shines through every Mangala properties. Our vision is to give best to our customers compare to others in the market which makes them happy with the investment.

Mangala properties focused on residential projects only in specific places which can give customers a return on investment, we always take initiatives to clarify customer queries in according to the property. Mangala property strongly believes in smart works rather than a hard a work to achieve customer satisfaction The Company has always followed a policy of taking up development only on properties that have clear, litigation-free titles, with every aspect thoroughly vetted by its legal department. The department also ensures that every project has all required approvals from the concern development bodies. A dedicated team of professionals comprising architects, civil and structural engineers, landscape specialist, Elevation specialist etc.Then take up the responsibility of ensuring eco-friendly spaces, optimization of resources and timely delivery every time. The result has been a reputation for quality that has spread far and wide through word of mouth and the recommendation of satisfied customers.

Mangala properties always gives a service at your door step to clear all your query in accordance with the property , we look into the benefits towards the customers as the investment for them to give a profit in future. Where in the plots which will be purchased by Customers from Mangala properties is profit oriented. We look into the returns to the customers when they are investing in there asset.

"Mangala properties give opportunity to the clients who are willing to Invest in Mangala properties on profit bases".

Mangala Properties - Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore Mangala Properties - Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore

Our Mission

Fulfilling the need of the people by providing perfect, time bound projects; it has a passion for unique concept and offers people a good property with an affordable price.

Mangala Properties